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— Aug 5, 2010

Ode to the Taxman?

Released as the opening track on The Beatles' 1966 Revolver album, the song "Taxman" was a reflection of George Harrison's…

— Jul 6, 2010

Economic Chicken and Egg Quandary

This question has a reputation for being impossible to answer and, over the ages, the worlds most thoughtful philosophers have…

— May 10, 2010

Can The 3G's Stall This Nascent U.S. Recovery?

Whether you have yet to experience the change, signs of an improving U.S. economy are showing up all over.

— Mar 8, 2010

Knowing When to Hold 'em or Fold 'em

These lyrics filled the airwaves in the late 1970s when American country music icon Kenny Rogers released his multi-million…

— Feb 15, 2010

Can CDO's Revive the Global Economy?

CDOs - those toxic concoctions of greedy bankers that nearly brought us to the brink of Great Depression II. Could they now be…

— Jan 15, 2010

Will ESO's Gain Popularity?

Since the New Year began, this is the first time I've had the ability to ring in 2010 with many clients and friends who read my…

— Nov 30, 2009

Commercial Real Estate, Credit & Taxes

If you've been watching the financial news networks, particularly CNBC, you've heard that it might be a great time for investing…

— Oct 22, 2009

One Year Later - Is It Safe to Take More Risk Now?

A little more than a year ago, the sky was falling it was hard to believe. In the fall of 2008, the events occurring in the US…

— Oct 10, 2009

Emerging Mkts: Rice Paddy to Rice Paddy?

When pondering the possibility of emerging market countries leading us through the next wave of a bull market, two thoughts…

— Sep 9, 2009

Indulgence, iPhones and Income Taxes

In the US, Labor Day traditionally marks the end of the summer season and in most locales our children are back to school by…

— Jul 4, 2009

Will Inflation be Our Next Worry?

For months now, we have been hearing various pundits debate over potential the long-term effects of the Federal Reserve Banks…

— Jul 3, 2009

P/E Valuation 101

Every night we seem to hear that the market might be cheap, fully valued or expensive. Sometimes we hear all of those views in…


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      • The Power of Rigorous Thinking
        To what degree do we heed the advice of others and who do we find ourselves listening to? How do we go about choosing our invest…
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      • The Game of Risk
        What kind of investor are you? Do you ponder risk that you’ll be subject to when you decide whether or not to invest?
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        Are you familiar with the concept of tax loss harvesting? Simply put, it is the process of selling securities at a loss to offse…
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        Hedge funds have grown tremendously popular since the late 1980s. While Alfred Jones has been credited with setting up the first…
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      • Is Transparency Important?
        When you invest your money, what guides your decisions? What guides your expectations? How do you assess risk? Is there adequate…
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      • Greed Undermines Wealth
        Have you ever scrambled to chase a hot investment tip and found yourself late to the party? Did this happen to you when the tech…
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      • How Fear Impacts Your Wealth
        Why does the average investor buy high and sell low (the exact opposite of what they should be doing)? What makes them invest wh…
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      • The Fed and It's Powers
        How did your investment portfolio do during the months of May and June? How about into July thus far? Did you see the Fed train …
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      • Investing for Dividends, the GBU
        Is the party over for the equity markets? Is the US consumer going to stop spending altogether? Will they clamor to sell their h…
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      • Investing In China's Growth
        If you’ve been following the dynamics of global trade lately, the statistics suggest that China is leading the world as an expor…
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      • Family Wealth: Managing Time
        Todays life styles have most of us pressed for time. We are constantly on the run, multi-tasking, trying to get more done in a d…
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      • Managing Asset Allocation
        If you want to build a top-performing mutual-fund portfolio, you should start by hunting for top-performing funds, right? Wrong,…
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      • Preparing To Plan
        Anyone will tell you that estate planning, succession planning and retirement planning are important elements for protecting, gr…
  • 2005
    • December
      • Private Family Foundations
        Is it the winter holiday season, or is it me? Last months newsletter about philanthropy and the use of charitable remainder trus…
    • November
      • Charitable Remainder Trusts
        Giving is, perhaps, the most basic expression of personal and family values. However, not enough people seem to comprehend the v…
    • October
      • Your Most Valuable Family Asset
        If you said your house or your car or your investments, you'd be wrong. Your family's most valuable asset is its members.
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      • Business Succession Planning
        Sooner or later, everyone wants to retire. But if you own a family business, retirement isn't just a matter of deciding not to g…
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      • What Is Wealth Management?
        What does it really mean? What does it involve? Are there specialized firms for this? Can I get these services from my accountan…
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      • Personal Budgeting Basics
        Which do you find more fun, spending or saving? If you answered saving, I'd be very surprised! Most people, me included, love to…
    • April
      • Investing Basics, Part II
        In part one of Investing Basics, I opened by discussing: What color is your parachute? Richard Bolles book seemed an appropriate…
    • February
      • Managing Health Care Costs
        According to health care studies conducted by the Cato Institute and National Coalition of Health Care, health care costs have i…
    • January
      • Selling A Business & ESOPs
        Either you built it from the ground up, or maybe you bought it. If your business has been a success, you've probably invested si…
  • 2004
    • December
      • Optimistic Stock Market?
        An Article in this months Investment Advisor magazine reflects the title, Advisors Still Upbeat. Investment Advisor magazine rep…
    • November
      • Why Estate Planning Matters
        For many clients and their planners, the central goal of estate planning has long been to pass as much wealth, net of taxes, to …
    • October
      • Is a House a Good Investment?
        Whether it is a penthouse in New York City, a beach house in Corolla, NC or a farmhouse in central Virginia, owning your own hom…
    • September
      • Rebalancing Investments
        Rebalancing - using new cash or shifting money to bring your investment portfolio's target allocations back in line annually - i…
    • August
      • Making Financial Decisions
        Do you make decisions by weighing the possibilities so as to increase your chances of achieving a desired result? More often tha…
    • July
      • The Housing Market
        Did you know that the percentage of U.S. households that now own, rather than rent, is at an all-time high nearing 70%? This is …
    • June
      • Setting Retirement Goals
        Even if you work long and hard enough to afford the standard vision of a "perfect" retirement, you will almost certainly be bore…
    • May
      • Where Should I Invest?
        Would you tell me please, which way I ought to go from here? That depends a good deal on where you want to get to, said the Che…
    • April
      • Venture Philanthropy
        Most of us learned as children that sharing is a good thing. We didn't know we were practicing philanthropy -- we just knew that…
    • March
      • Investing Basics, Part I
        What color is your parachute? Answer that riddle, and you will have opened the door to understanding your life, your work, and p…
      • College Planning
        Do you feel badly about considering or expecting your kids to pay for at least some of their own college education? But wait a m…
    • January
      • Financial Experts?
        If you were seeking dental care, it isn't very likely that you would call on a cardiologist, or an ophthalmologist, or a pharmac…
      • Estate Planning for Parents
        From late fall through New Years, for many, this is a time to be with and care about family. It can also be a time when emotions…
  • 2003
    • December
      • Year End Tax Tips
        Our Wealth Management business is special because we are not only in the Return on Investment business, but we seek to improve o…
    • November
      • Selecting A Financial Planner
        When you think of financial planning it may be helpful to think about your desire and feelings regarding wealth. From creating i…