Philosophy and Beliefs

Driver #1: Our clients require a reliable source of invested funds for their current or future spending goals and needs.

  • Risk is unavoidable.  Risk must be understood and managed through constructing an optimally diversified portfolio.
  • Asset classes and narrowly classified manager strategies commonly go through periods of boom and bust.  Yesterday's winners could be tomorrow's losers and vice-versa.
  • Distinguishing between good fortune and expertise demands an understanding of the various markets and a disciplined approach to investing.

Driver #2: Our clients want their invested funds to keep pace with inflation.

  • Equities generate superior long-term returns.
  • Empirical studies show that, over the long run, equities provide the best opportunities for growth beyond the impact of inflation.

Driver #3: Within reasonable bounds of risk, our clients desire an opportunity to see their invested funds grow beyond their expected spending goals and needs plus inflation.

  • Time and effort exerted in the investment selection process should be allocated to focus where the pay-off is greatest.
  • Some investment types benefit significantly more as a result of manager skill than others.
  • External active managers should only be hired for investment types where manager skill adds the most value; and, index funds (ETF's) should be utilized where skill adds less value.


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