Our Process

ELF is an independently owned and operated Wealth Management Firm
Using ETF's to Create Portfolio Diversification

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ELF CapM's Firm Brochure

We Want to Understand Your Needs

Are you someone who likes to improve your chances for success? If so, the more we understand about your needs, the better we can assess our ability to satisfy your investing goals. The link below reveals a copy of our fact finding questionnaire.

Investment Policy Questionnaire

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Our Investment Process

  1. Using Growth At a Reasonable Price (GARP) analysis and other proprietary research, we identify investment opportunities for client portfolios. We blend qualitative judgment with quantitative analysis.
  2. Optimize these opportunities using Modern Portfolio Theory principles. Specific allocation selections and percentages are determined periodically based upon our proprietary research and forecasts for returns and relative risk among investment types.
  3. Continually monitor these investments and seek out new opportunities. This serves to ensure control of risks is taken.
  4. Rebalance or replace portfolio investments by repeating the processes above.

What We May Invest In

  • Cash Assets and Fixed Income securities - Where fixed income acts as a deflation hedge.
  • US Domestic Equities – including Large, Mid & Small Cap stocks; Growth & Value Situations; and Various Market Sectors.
  • International Equities – including Developed Countries like Europe, Japan & Australia; Emerging Markets like Brazil, Russia, India, China or Eastern Europe.
  • Real Assets – including REITs, Natural Resources, Gold, Silver, etc.
  • Private Equity - Publicly Traded Private Equity Funds, Business Development Companies; Emerging Technologies

You have the right to receive a copy of Part II of Form ADV filed by ELF Capital Management, L.L.C. with the Commonwealth of Virginia prior to signing an Investment Advisory Agreement. In compliance with investment regulations, ELF Capital Management, L.L.C. will not transact business in any state unless first registered there or qualified for an exemption or exclusion from registration in that state.