Managed Accounts and Exchange Traded Funds

About Individually Managed Accounts:

An individually managed account relationship offers each client their own investment account overseen by a portfolio manager who is authorized to select investments and trade on their behalf.  This type of money management relationship offers a more personal and transparent experience than purchasing mutual fund shares or owning shares in some other type of pooled fund - like a hedge fund.  Another advantage is that you own each of the securities purchased on your behalf - you own the securities directly.  This arrangement provides the advantage of making effective tax planning and management possible.  For customer cost efficiency and management ease, we have our clients use TD Ameritrade Institutional for custody and trading. Also, we handle most of the paperwork for you.

About Exchange Traded Funds ("ETFs"):

An ETF is an index fund that trades like a single stock on a major exchange.  These index funds represent a portfolio, or "basket" of investments, that aim to replicate the movements of a specific financial market without human input into the decision of which securities to purchase or sell.  There are ETFs representing stocks in the US and foreign markets, bonds, real estate and even commodities like gold or silver.  Pick an asset class or country market or market sector that is publicly available and it is a good bet that it is already represented by an ETF or will be soon.  With ETFs, you enjoy both the flexibility of a stock and the diversification of an index fund in exchange for an extremely low expense ratio.  ETFs can be bought on margin, sold short and many are options based.


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